Danny Cuomo

Danny Cuomo is together with Alex Andjelic, one of the most celebrated hockey coaches of in Nijmegen. He was born (from Italian descent)in 1955 in Sudbury, Ontario, playing his junior hockey there at the local OHL-outfit of that town. As a young skilled offensive defender with a great game-mentality he came to Holland in 1978 to play hockey in Leiden but that team went bankrupt after only their first year. Cuomo then decided to go to Assen and stayed there for two years.
After having spells with Groningen, Geleen and (again) Assen, Cuomo went to Nijmegen during the mid eighties never to leave again.

He coached Nijmegen during their famous 1992-1993 season in which they clinched the title beating the Meetpoint Eaters from Geleen. During that season he even played the last couple of games because he was suspended as a coach and not as a player. He retired as a hockey coach after Nijmegen were taken out the play-off series against Tilburg that follwing year. Because of the decision to take Nijmegen out of the play-offs he lost his faith in Dutch Hockey and he decided that he didnt want to be a part of that.

However Cuomo made an astonishing come-back on the ice in the 2000-2001 season because Nijmegen lacked experienced defenders. By that time he was already 45 years old. In that same season he finished the season as coach again but Nijmegen wasn’t able to win the title.