Fred Homburg

Fred Homburg is the best Nijmegen-born defender ever to play for the club. He joined the first side in the 1978/1979 season as a young rookie. He played there with the likes of Mike Fedorko and Ron Kennedy, who later became one of the best players ever to skate in the Dutch Icerinks.

Fred Homburg can be typed as a very hard defender with strong offensive skills, leadership qualities and a great game-mentality. He played 18 years for Nijmegen and even coached the team a year in between during the 1991/1992 season. But he still liked playing too much so he went on doing that exact thing after that season. In a total he played 618 matches for Nijmegen. In those matches he scored 152 times and assisted on a goal 320 times. Furthermore he notched a dazzling 1105 minutes in penalties. He stayed faithful to Nijmegen during his entire career.

For the Dutch national side Fred Homburg was a respected player during his career. He played for Holland 88 times and made 22 points during this period. Homburg is with no doubt one of the best Dutch defenders ever to play in Holland.