Ron Plamont

Plamont, nicknamed ‘The Hammer’, was one the hardest and most feared enforcers in Dutch hockey in the last decades. He joined the first team in 1990 and notched 102 minutes in penalties during his first ever year. Plamonts’ darkest hour in hockey was the 1992/93 season in which he was involved in an incident with Geleen-player Rick Boh. He was accused of slashing Boh on purpose, breaking his jaw in three different places. He was suspended for numerous games although video-footage showed the incident was most probably an accident.

Furthermore Plamont was a highly respected player by the Nijmegen fans and his teammates throughout his career. He was was one of the players who helped rebuild Nijmegen after the bankruptcy in 1994. He can be typed as a hard, feisty stay-at-home defender with a lot of character. His number (“the double four”) Plamont got from former coach Andy Tenbult, after having played with number seventeen for numerous years. Tenbult gave Plamont the number because he compared him with Canadian defender Dave Babych who played with the Vancouver Canucks at that time. ‘If i tell him to skate through a wall and I give him a good reason’, said Tenbult, ‘he’ll do it for his team.’

Plamont retired in 2000 together with captain Robert Herckenrath, after winning yet another championship. Currently he is still active in the Nijmegen youth program.