Theo Krüger

This Assen-native is the all time leading scorer of Dutch side Nijmegen. Krüger was Theo Kruger as a 21-year old rookie and immediately became a crowd-favorite. Kruger was talented in both football and hockey but pursued a hockey career after he was selected to play for the Dutch national icehockey team.

Also did Theo Krüger live in Nijmegen during the first years at the club. He spend his first years in Tolhuis together with Tommie Speel.

Theo Krüger played 11 years for Nijmegen. Between 1990 and 2003 he also played two seasons for another team. In 1994-1995 he played for both Geleen and Eindhoven and in 2001-2002 he played for the Flyers from Heerenveen.

He was a highly respected sniper in the Dutch icehockey league and had several 100+ point seasons. Strong skills were his natural goal scoring abilities and his devastating accurate sniper-shot. He always looked for the shortest route to the goal.

In the 1998-1999 the left winger broke former teammate Ben Tijnagel’s record of 592 points for Nijmegen. During that same year he became Most-Value-Player (MVP)as well. Krüger is now well over the 800-point mark and racked up a total of 826 points during his stay in Nijmegen. It is not to be expected that any hockey player in the years to come will break the record of this Dutch winger.

Furthermore Krüger was recognized for his telepathic-like on-ice partnership with fellow line mate Tommie Speel. This duo was an unmatched scoring partnership for years in the Dutch league. Their ability to connect with one and other on the ice was a weapon for many seasons and resulted in many championships. Season 2002-2003 was the last season for both Kruger and Speel.

Theo Krügers favorite first line, including him, would be with the following players he played with:

Goal: Honoré Loos
Defenders: Fred Homburg and Kip Noble
Offence: Frank Janssen, Tommie Speel and himself